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Shipping Schedule by USDA hardiness zone
Plants will be shipped at the proper time for planting in your USDA hardiness zone. If requested, we will accommodate specific ship dates when possible.
Don't know your zone? Find it by zip code here: Zone by Zip Code
Fall Shipping Season (October 1 - January 15)*
USDA ZonesShipping Schedule
1-4Early October
5-6Late October**
Spring Shipping Season (March 15 - June 15)
USDA ZonesShipping Schedule
9-10Early March
7-8Late March
* Bearded Iris, Crocus sativus, Eranthis, Galanthus and Lycoris orders will be shipped as soon as available in Fall.
*Forcing (prepared) Amaryllis begin shipping mid-October
**Orders from colder zones received after shipping has begun will have priority as long as weather permits.
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